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Corrugated Iron Shed at Burrator
Corrugated Iron Shed at Burrator in 2014
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Some of our many achievements (sometimes in partnership with others) include:

40mph Speed Limit

The Dartmoor Society has been consistently opposed to the current 40mph speed limit on Dartmoor. We published a brochure in 1999 (see pictures) which set out our views then, which are still valid. An additional stretch of road in the vicinity of Wotter on south-west Dartmoor has been added to the network since then. For many years the Society collected statistics from farmers about accidents involving animals on, particularly, the Yelverton–Princetown road and the Tavistock–Princetown road and these have been published in our Newsletter. We have also had meetings with the County Environment Director and others to try to persuade them to think differently, but with only minimal success. We still feel the scheme as it is at present should be scrapped and that focus should be entirely on reducing accidents involving animals on the open moorland stretches. The present emphasis on speed is a distraction from the real issue of how to encourage careful driving in the often difficult weather conditions experienced on the moor.

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