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Dartmoor Resonance Music Festival

Dartmoor Resonance Music Festival

16th–24th June 2018

A musical evocation and journey through time marking the 20th anniversary of The Dartmoor Society

The Dartmoor Society held a 9-day midsummer music festival, using a wide variety of venues, events and partners, to celebrate the remarkable diversity of composers and performers of sacred and secular music, from prehistory to the present day, all inspired by Dartmoor.

This rich cultural thread, which had not been explored collectively before, contributed significantly to a sense of place, both old and new, reaching out to communities on Dartmoor, in Britain and beyond.

We worked with some highly respected and well known partners – Simon Ible (Conductor, Ten Tors Orchestra 1998–2017), Wren Music, Seventh Wave Music and others, besides a wondrous diversity of musicians and composers.

We are proud to say that the festival was a masterclass in excellence for everyone to enjoy, whatever their taste in music. Several newly composed pieces were premiered and of special interest was be John Woolrich’s reworked ‘Wistman’s Wood’.

A special Festival book Dartmoor Resonance and the Story of Dartmoor Music is available on our Merchandise page.

You can also download a report of the Festival in PDF format below.

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Dartmoor Resonance Music Festival Report

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