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PCWW Stones Project
Corrugated Iron Shed at Burrator in 2014
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Some of our many achievements (sometimes in partnership with others) include:

Completion of PCWW Stones Project

In 2017 it was the 100th Anniversary year of the original erection of the PCWW (Plymouth Corporation Water Works ) stones that mark the watershed of Burrator Reservoir. The Dartmoor Society felt that it was important to restore them to their former glory prior to their Anniversary ensuring that they are all standing upright and not waterlogged, etc.

So, in November 2012 the Dartmoor Society initiated a project with South West Water, Maristow Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall and the Commoners to assess the condition of all PCWW Boundstones between South Hessary Tor and the Scout Hut at Drizzlecombe (which follows the Cramber Tor Training Area boundary).

The project stemmed from a condition survey, for the Ministry of Defence, of archaeological features within the Cramber Tor Training Area, which was completed in February 2012.

27 stones (6 of them not marked PCWW) were identified as being in need of attention, ranging from cutting rushes around the base to full re-erection.

Following a photographic survey and site visits, the first practical work was undertaken on the 2nd of October 2014 with vehicles (tractor, trailer and Matbro) provided by grazier Graham Colton, as well as Mark Cole and a group of volunteers from the Dartmoor Society (Simon and Alex Booty who also supplied a Land Rover and tools, Tom & Elisabeth Greeves, Barry & Tanya Welch, and Barrie Quilliam).

Subsequent visits took place on Sunday 15th February 2015, Tuesday 27th October 2015 and Tuesday 18th October 2016.

In order to celebrate the completion of this major project in their centenary year the Dartmoor Society also completed a walk and picnic from South Hessary Tor and the Scout Hut which included Ailsborough Mine on Saturday 10th June 2017.

Completion of PCWW Stones Project Completion of PCWW Stones Project Completion of PCWW Stones Project

40mph Speed Limit

The Dartmoor Society has been consistently opposed to the current 40mph speed limit on Dartmoor. We published a brochure in 1999 (see pictures) which set out our views then, which are still valid. An additional stretch of road in the vicinity of Wotter on south-west Dartmoor has been added to the network since then. For many years the Society collected statistics from farmers about accidents involving animals on, particularly, the Yelverton–Princetown road and the Tavistock–Princetown road and these have been published in our Newsletter. We have also had meetings with the County Environment Director and others to try to persuade them to think differently, but with only minimal success. We still feel the scheme as it is at present should be scrapped and that focus should be entirely on reducing accidents involving animals on the open moorland stretches. The present emphasis on speed is a distraction from the real issue of how to encourage careful driving in the often difficult weather conditions experienced on the moor.

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