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Forthcoming Events

The following events have been organised over the next few months. More details can be found in our Newsletters. New events are normally added to the website to coincide with Newsletters being posted.

Please use the Book Now buttons to book places and pay online.

If you are a Dartmoor Society member please sign into the Member Centre beforehand so you can book places for members-only events and not need to enter all your contact details every time.

When our events are over-subscribed, waiting lists are created. If you find that you cannot attend an event you have booked for, please email as soon as possible. Your place can then be allocated to someone else.

The Dartmoor Society Barbecue

Saturday 13th August, 2:00pm
Little Ensworthy, Gidleigh, Chagford, TQ13 8HU

Members and guests only – please sign in to book.

This year our barbecue will be held at Little Ensworthy, Gidleigh. Bill and Carolyn Murray will be our hosts and the afternoon will include two walks, neither of which will be arduous.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks with glasses. Please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements.

Please sign in to book or phone Bill Murray on 01647 231297 or 07341 967320.

  • Members and guests – please sign in to book.
  • £7.00 each.
  • Cost includes barbecue and soft drinks.
  • Please book by Saturday 6th August.

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Visit to Lowertown Farm

Saturday 17th September, 2:00pm
Lowertown Farm, Poundsgate, TQ13 7PQ

Members and guests only – please sign in to book.

Our farm visit this year is to Lowertown Farm, Poundsgate, where we will be the guests of Luke and Hannah Fursdon.

Luke’s parents, Miles and Gail Fursdon, were the recipients of the 2016 Dartmoor Society award for their micro-hydro system at Old Walls and the Dartmoor Society held member visits to Old Walls in 2004 and 2015. You can read about those visits in our News archives. We are really pleased that Hannah and Luke have invited us to visit their neighbouring farm.

The visit will include a tour of the farm followed by tea and cake.

Please sign in to book or phone Bill Murray on 01647 231297 or 07341 967320.

  • Members and guests – please sign in to book.
  • No dogs.
  • £5.00 each.
  • Please book by Saturday 10th September.

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Songs of Dartmoor with Jim Causley and Bill Murray, with special guests Val and Graham Lobb from Whitchurch Down

Friday 7th October, 7:30pm
Two Bridges Hotel, Princetown, PL20 6SW

Our evening in the company of Jim Causley and Bill Murray, which had to be cancelled last year, has now been rescheduled. Please note the change of venue to the Two Bridges Hotel near Princetown.

In this special performance, Jim explains the sources of the songs and the research that has brought them back from the past. Hosted and accompanied by our own Bill Murray with special guests Val and Graham Lobb, this will be an informative and entertaining evening.

Please book online or ring Bill Murray on 01647 231297.

  • Open to the public – non-members welcome.
  • £10.00 each.
  • Includes tea and biscuits.
  • Please book by Friday 30th September.

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What lies beneath? The Sacred Uplands of Dartmoor - The Dartmoor Society hosts the launch of Chris Chapman's new film

Friday 18th November, 7:30pm
Jubilee Hall, Chagford, TQ13 8DP

Chris Chapman has been documenting the lives of Dartmoor people for 50 years. In his latest work he turns his attention to the landscape.

Dartmoor’s uplands form one of the foremost prehistoric landscapes in Western Europe. Due to the durable nature of granite, remnants of its human occupation are uniquely accessible and visible, and yet much of value still lies hidden beneath the surface.

Inhabited for at least 6,000 years, every part of Dartmoor contains significant cultural content and every so often new discoveries are made which add to a fascinating story. The recognition of a hitherto unnoticed stone row, barrow and cist on Cut Hill in 2004 by Tom and Elisabeth Greeves, the half-buried Sittaford stone circle that lay fallen on Sittaford Ridge until discovered by the inquisitive son of a Throwleigh farmer, Alan Endacott in 2007, and the exciting excavation in 2011 of an early Bronze Age cist on Whitehorse Hill, containing the cremated remains of a young adult, thought to be a female, wrapped in a brown bear pelt and fastened with a copper alloy pin. The remains included some 200 beads from a necklace of fired clay, shale, amber and tin, two wooden studs possibly worn as ear labrets, a flint tool, a beautiful bracelet of woven cow hair sporting tiny tin studs, and a basket fashioned out of lime bast fibre.

The term ‘Peatland Restoration’, is used to describe large scale ground works to increase the water table on the highest and remotest parts of Dartmoor. Ongoing since 2015, these works, despite assurances to the contrary, have disturbed large tracts of ground, and put at risk archaeology that has yet to be explored and decoded.

It is this dichotomy that the film seeks to explore. How do we safeguard the unique setting and remoteness of Dartmoor, a place that for many retains an important connection with our ancestors, but at the same time address a call for immediate action on climate change and the recent demands for wilding?

Aerial of blocked southern Philpotts Peat Pass, Whitehorse Hill, November 2021 © Chris Chapman

Liz Miall on the Phillpotts Peat Pass dam, Whitehorse Hill, Dartmoor © Chris Chapman, February 2021

  • Open to the public – non-members welcome.
  • £8.00 each.
  • Please book by Monday 14th November.

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