An Important Notice from the Committee to Members and Friends of the Dartmoor Society

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An Important Notice from the Committee to Members and Friends of the Dartmoor Society

Posted in Committee on Monday 17th January 2022 at 8:13pm

The Dartmoor Society has more than 500 members and its existence depends on about 2% of those members who join the executive committee and help run this wonderful charity.

Of our 12 committee members, four are stepping down or will come to the end of their term of office in April 2022. The Dartmoor Society cannot sustain this loss, because these people are the very backbone of our committee and so we are at a crossroads.

To be specific, we need people who have a broad understanding of environmental and archaeological issues that affect Dartmoor and who are keen to put this knowledge to good use.

If you have a background in archaeology or in the environmental sciences please do consider getting in touch with us. We need professional people who can discuss these subjects with conviction.

Crucially, we need someone to lead the organisation and another volunteer to be vice chair; Dartmoor professionals and enthusiasts who want to help strengthen and protect the culture, local history, arts, flora, fauna, topographic and historic features of Dartmoor.

Being on the committee is exciting as you get to have a real say in the future of Dartmoor. We really do make a difference in the decision-making process and we also hold our own events that illuminate important topics amongst our members and the wider public.

We hope that the Dartmoor Society has a vibrant future but we must emphasise that, if we do not achieve a sustainable number of new committee members with the required levels of expertise, we will not be in a position to continue as we are.

Please consider taking up this challenge and talk with us, either by phone to Alan Endacott on 01647 231171 or by email on

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Nominations for Elections to the Dartmoor Society Executive Committee

Posted in Committee on Monday 17th January 2022 at 8:08pm

At the Annual General Meeting of The Dartmoor Society, to be held on Saturday 7th May, elections to the Executive Committee will be held. The Executive Committee consists of six officers; Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and Membership Secretary; and up to six members.

The role of Chair is vacant and the roles of Vice Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary have come to the end of their three-year term. Alan Endacott is standing down as Vice Chair. Hon. Treasurer Tom Orchard is happy to continue in post and Andrew John is nominated as Membership Secretary.

The vacancies that we are keen to fill are for Chair, Vice Chair and two ordinary members.

Membership of the Executive Committee automatically confers the status of Trustee of a Registered Charity. This status requires the holder to fulfil certain conditions laid down by the Charity Commission; these can be read on their website.

Nominations should be proposed and seconded by Dartmoor Society members.

Forms should be received by Friday 31st January, but please contact us at any time if you are considering a role on the committee.

You can download the form below, then scan or photograph the completed form and email it to Or you can send us an email giving the role you are standing for and the names of the members who have proposed and seconded your nomination. Or you can post the completed form to: The Dartmoor Society, PO Box 105, Okehampton, EX20 9BA.

Accompanying notes for the form are provided on the second page.

Download the Nomination Form With Accompanying Notes

Details of nominations received and an agenda for the AGM will be on this website from 1st March.

Alan Endacott – Vice Chair 2022

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Barrie Quilliam receives a framed Chris Chapman photograph

Thanks to Barrie Quilliam for long-standing service on the Dartmoor Society committee

Posted in Committee on Tuesday 31st August 2021 at 9:42pm

The AGM provided an opportunity to present former committee member Barrie Quilliam with a framed photograph of Week Down Cross by Chris Chapman.

It was good to see Barrie again and we were so pleased to be able to thank him for his involvement over many years. We miss his good humour and all of his help, not least his work on the bookstall at our indoor events.

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