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News From February 2015

Filling hollows around one of the PCWW boundstones

PCWW Boundstones on Cramber Tor Training Area

Posted in General on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 11:36pm

In November 2012 the Dartmoor Society initiated a project with South West Water, Maristow Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall and commoners to ensure that all PCWW boundstones between South Hessary Tor and the Scout Hut at Drizzlecombe (which follows the Cramber Tor Training Area boundary), are in good condition by 2017 (the centenary of their erection). The project stems from a condition survey, for the Ministry of Defence, of archaeological features within the Cramber Tor Training Area, which was completed in February 2012. 27 stones (6 of them not marked PCWW) were identified as being in need of attention (ranging from cutting rushes round the base to re-erection).

Following photographic survey and site visits, the first practical work was undertaken on 2 October 2014 with vehicles (tractor, trailer and Matbro) provided by grazier Graham Colton. With driver Mark Cole and a group of volunteers from the Dartmoor Society (Simon Booty who also supplied a Land Rover and tools, Tom & Elisabeth Greeves, Barry & Tanya Welch), the process of filling hollows around eight PCWW stones (and uprighting one of them which had a very slight lean) was begun, starting near the Scout Hut. We expect to do some more work here in 2015 and then move on to the stones in the Eylesbarrow – Nuns Cross – South Hessary Tor area.

Note: PCWW stands for ‘Plymouth Corporation Water Works’ and most of the stones being tackled have the inscription PCWW 1917 on them. They mark the watershed of Burrator reservoir.

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British Ceramic Tile Factory Visit, Wednesday 11th February 2015

Posted in Events on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 11:27pm

Another Dartmoor Society event enjoyed by 29 of our Members was a tour of the state-of-the-art British Ceramic Tile Factory, Heathfield, near Bovey Tracey. Our fantastic guides were Barry Derber and Steve Martin and after everyone donning high visibility waistcoats we were treated to a tour round the fully automated factory where we saw the whole tile manufacturing process in operation.

There will be a full write up on this event in our June Newsletter (no. 53).

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An Exploration Of Moretonhampstead, Wednesday 14th January 2015

Posted in Events on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 11:24pm

A magnificent number of 50 of our Members attended this event on a blustery, cold January day and it gave everyone a fascinating insight on Medieval Moretonhampstead which included a tour of Dr Ian Mortimer’s house and a tour of the Church and this delightful ancient market town finished off with an excellent tea in the Union Inn.

There will be a full write up on this event in our June Newsletter (no. 53).

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The Dartmoor Society Research Lecture "Pony Herds and Pony Management on Dartmoor - New Observations" by Robyn Petrie-Ritchie, Friday 31st October 2014

Posted in Events on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 11:24pm

Following on from our very successful Dartmoor Society Pony Debate which had been held in October 2013 Robyn gave us a fascinating update on all her findings. This event had an excellent turnout with 98 attendees altogether and after the Lecture Robert Phillips and his staff at the Dolphin Hotel produced a very good buffet for all of us.

There will be a full write-up on this event in our February Newsletter (no. 52).

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Dartmoor Society Debate: "What Future for Dartmoor Railways and their Heritage?", Saturday 11th October 2014

Posted in Events on Sunday 15th February 2015 at 11:22pm

This was a very well-attended, extremely topical Debate with 70 people, some members and some non-members, enjoying this very informative event which took place at Meldon Village Hall.

We had an excellent variety of speakers including Dr Tom Greeves, Bernard Mills, Richard Searight and Colin Burges.

Our first class lunch buffet was supplied by the “Original Pasty House Company” from Tavistock and a wonderful tea was supplied by Lis Greeves and her helpers. An informative and enjoyable social day was enjoyed by all.

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