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Dartmoor Society Barbecue at Langaford Farm

Dartmoor Society Barbecue at Langaford Farm

Dartmoor Society Barbecue at Langaford Farm

Posted in Events on Thursday 8th August 2019 at 9:19pm

36 Members braved some very wet conditions on Friday 19th July to attend the Dartmoor Society Annual Barbecue, held at Langaford Farm.

Fortunately, ten minutes after everyone arrived, the clouds parted and the rain stopped so it was agreed that this would be the ideal moment for Meghan Lowe, Community Engagement Officer at the Butterfly Conservation Trust to lead our walk with a Butterfly and Moth theme.

Thankfully a whole range of butterflies and local wildlife seized the moment, and all popped their heads out including baby frogs and we also saw some very elaborate Funnel Web Spider’s webs enhanced by the raindrops glistening on them.

Even the Langaford Trust Ponies wanted to get in on the act by being very inquisitive and sauntering up for a friendly nuzzle.

After nearly an hour of studying the wildlife in our beautiful tranquil surroundings we headed back to the barn and tucked into sausages and beef burgers made freshly for the event by T G Lang “Dartmoor Butchers” from Ashburton complimented with salads, quiches and yummy desserts prepared by the Executive Committee, quaffed down by our Members’ own favourite choice of “Tipple”.

A very good evening was had by all.

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